“Military Historic Institute”



Fund arose in aim of propagate Polish arms History, Defenses promotion and National Reserve Arm Forces.


Fund creation was consequence of many years’ acting, activity, animation, making social-cultural projects and also work in other organizations.


Fund through “History alive lessons” shapes patriotic basis and runs active activity which aim is popularization and make easier for society the access to historic, military and educational knowledge.


Spreads knowledge in scope of knowledge about society, history, sport and health.


To Fund tasks belong also: literature popularization from that scope, undertakings support with cultural and educational character, especially concerned historic and military education and popularization patriotic values as well as national heritage and organization of events in places of forgotten battles and events with Polish Soldiers participation.


From moment of beginning, Fund popularization historic and military knowledge inspirits, organizes and runs acts connected with it, it deals with propagating and promotion of military-collection interests in atmosphere of peaceful military technique usage. Fund also realizes many actions with schools, kindergartens, posts for handicapped persons.


Fund cooperates with Universities and schools with military profile, Museums and organizations and associations supporting knowledge popularization history of Polish Arms.


Fund Chairman


Patrycja Wojtak